Cardboard 3D glasses

awater 3D offers a comprehensive range of 3D glasses of plastic or cardboard in linear, circular and anaglyph versions. You can find more information about linear and circular polarization here: Link

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3D glasses without imprint

White cardboard 3D glasses

If a great number of viewers is expected at the 3D event, cardboard glasses are the best choice. Our glasses are fitted with high-grade filter films and the white model is available in a large number of pieces.

Bildbeschreibung Truecolor
Printed 3D glasses

Cardboard 3D glasses printed according to your specifications

An ideal advertizing medium that reinforces the viewer's identification with your event. Individual print orders (2c, 4c, special colors) will be realized professionally and in the shortest possible delay even when you order large quantities.

A PDF to prepare your individual pattern is available for download on this page.

Photo gallery

3D event at university
Kraftwerk fans after 3D concert
Printed 3D glasses

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