3D canvas (by the meter)

Bildbeschreibung Truecolor
3D canvas by the meter

High luminance, excellent separation behavior, no hotspots, convincing mechanical properties. awater 3D canvas for front projections is also available by the meter (cut to size). We keep many canvas types in stock and, therefore, can offer extremely short delivery periods. The maximum running width without seems is either 2.40 m, 3.00 m or 5.00 m depending on the canvas type.

For technical details, please refer to the data sheet.

Technical details

  • Product: 3D silver screen
  • Range of application: passive stereo 3D front projections (also suitable for active 3D and 2D)
  • Gain: 2.4
  • very large viewing angle
  • no hotspots
  • ghosting against zero
  • hard-wearing surface
  • washable
  • can be rolled up for transport
  • material thickness up to 0.7 mm
  • seamless: 2,40 m, 3,00 m, 5,00 m
  • weight: from 370 to 900 g/qm (dependet from canvas type)
  • Available in following styles: canvas only, with eyelets, with black border and eyelets 

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