3D Virtual Black from DaLite
 for 3D rear projection

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3D Virtual Black
Volksbuehne Berlin, "Fucking Liberty", 3D rear projection, © Foto: lsd-berlin.de | Lenore Blievernicht

Since its market introduction, 3D Virtual Black from DaLite has become an integral part of our delivery program. This is because it is still the best rear projection canvas as far as we know. The deep black surface looks particularly stylish and elegant, even if there is nothing to see on it.

It preserves polarization up to 99 % and is, therefore, virtually free from ghosting. A gain of 3.00 ensures a clear projection even under the influence of ambient light. The best viewing angle is about 20°, but according to our own subjective assessment and that of our customers, the 3D effect is still convincing at far greater viewing angles.

Another argument for 3D Virtual Black is its size. A seamless height of 4.80 m and unlimited width options allow for a variety of applications of Virtual Black. The screen material is very well suited for mobile applications because you can roll it up for transport and it is washable. In order to prevent hot spots, the clearance between the projectors and the screen should be at least 1.5 times the screen width. 3D virtual black is available either with a rim and eyelets or with a rim, snap fasteners and a corresponding frame.

Technical details

  • Product: 3D rear projection screen
  • Range of application: passive stereo 3D front projections (also suitable for active 3D and 2D)
  • Gain: 3.0
  • viewing angle: 20°
  • no hotspots
  • ghosting against zero
  • washable
  • can be rolled up for transport
  • material thickness up to 0.7 mm
  • seamless height: up to 4,80 m
  • Available in following styles: with black border, with black border and eyelets, with black border an push-buttons, with frame 

Photo gallery

Stage with rolled up 3D rear projection screen
3D rear projection at Volksbuehne Berlin
3D rear projection with actor in front
3D rear projection "Fucking Liberty" by Ulli Lommel

Volksbuehne Berlin, "Fucking Liberty" by Ulli Lommel, © Fotos: lsd-berlin.de | Lenore Blievernicht



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