Test strips for 3D polarizers


The test strips allow an easy and simple assessment of the orientation of linear and circular polarizers. They are easy to use and this is the way it works:

Linear filter:

Hold the test strip with the "arrow area" in front of the linear filter. If light passes through the strip, the arrows indicate the direction of polarization.

Circular filter:

If the arrows become darker while turning, you are on the linear side of the polarizer. This side faces the projector. Both filters should be aligned such as the arrows of the test strip let the light pass horizontally. (0/0)

In order to assess the left/right orientation, turn both filters around and place the test strip once more on the surface of the filter. If the LH field turns darker, it is the polarizer for the right image. If RH turns darker, it is the filter for the left image. 


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